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Lash Extensions Course

This Course is for Boss Babes who...

•Are new to lashing 

•Anyone who needs a classic refresher & wants to learn volume.
Anyone ready for a change

• Desire to live life on your terms

• Have a passion for helping women feel more beautiful

• Want to create their own schedules, and have more time for family, friends and fun

• Want to work from home (or a beauty salon)



2 DAY| In-person | private 1:1| 


Combination Eyelash Extension Training (classic & volume)


14 hours (2 days) - $1,250 (En Español $400 adicional)

From lash lover to lash stylist in 13 hours flat! Jump start your lash knowledge with this in-depth course that teaches you all you need to know to apply fabulous CLASSIC AND VOLUME lashes. Learn the ins-and-outs of the industry, as well as tips and techniques to start lashing right away. This course is ideal for beginner stylists or lash artists who want to tremendously improve their lashing game.



North Aurora 


Day 1: 8:30am-2:30pm

Day 2: 8:30am-3:30pm 





You will learn:

  • History of eyelash extensions



  • Eyelash biology & the lash cycle



  • How to properly cleanse eyelash extensions



  • What eyelash extensions are (and what they are not)



  • Intro to extensions, lash lengths and materials



  • Lash and ocular health



  • Infection vs. a reaction



  • Guidelines for eye shapes / lash styles to enhance every eye 



  • Choosing the perfect tweezers



  • How to apply and remove



  • Different fan pick-up techniques 



  • Classic and Volume lashes



  • Fan placement / proper direction



  • Tips for best retention



  • Hands on practice (on a live model)




  • Proper setup and supplies



  • Best practices



  • Client consent & aftercare



  • Social media tips 



  • Marketing and pricing advice







RESCHEDULING: if you are unable to attend class you must send an email seven days prior to reschedule course there will be $150 reschedule fee per day.

Please submit $300 deposit to 630)423-2599 via Zelle/Quickpay, or CASHAPP.

click on link for CashApp payment​ to be directed to payment window

The balance will be paid by CASH at the start of class. Once deposit has been received along with the registration form you will be contacted by the trainer (Alicia) to set up training dates.​



Why Eyelash Extensions? Why This Opportunity?
✔️Because Eyelash Extensions are the FASTEST growing industry in the country.
✔️​Because you can take this certificate and work anywhere you want! Home or salons worldwide.
✔️​Because nowhere else can you take a course and start your new career the very next day!
✔️​Because you will join a community of other amazing women, who are here to support your success.


Does this Certificate work where I live?
Every state and province has their own unique set of rules and regulations and it is up to you to do your research to see what is required in your local area. The benefit of this low price, is that for states that require a cosmetology or aesthetician license to do lashes, a lot of students take this course at this low price to help them decide if investing further into a cosmetology license is something they are interested in doing and enjoy.



Lash Tech/Trainer, Permanent Make Up Artist 

Bio coming soon! 

Lux Lash Course: Lash Extensions Course

Join us!

Thanks for registering, once deposit and registration form have been received we will contact you !

Lux Lash Course: Lash Registration
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